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Epoxy resin tables

Characterful eye-catchers thanks to resin details

These tables made of natural solid wood planks are refined with inserts of resin. The properties of epoxy resin allow the use of different colors. This results in unique surfaces.

A surface matting is also possible, and you can also have your table finished with the currently popular metallic effect.


Here you can find a selection of various works that have been created over the past months and years. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Coffee table with a central insert made of epoxy resin (leaves, acorns, and pieces of oak bark were embedded in the resin) | resin without color pigments (transparent) | oak, oiled
Couch table with a central insert made of epoxy resin (resin mixed in different colors in several casting processes) | oak, oiled
Dining table with a central insert made of black, high-gloss polished epoxy resin | European walnut oiled | with natural tree edge

The choice is yours

You are the designer of your world! You will find a comprehensive selection of exclusive tabletops, inserts, and bases, from which you can combine your favorites and create your unique piece of furniture.


Each of our pieces of furniture is unique and just waiting to be designed for you. This creates your unique favorite piece. Arrange a consultation appointment with Michael Greshake and let us realize your ideas together!