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natural, personalized, unique

Crafted with inspiration from nature, our Nature Line is truly one-of-a-kind. Our collection is defined by nature, with each piece’s visual aesthetics being inspired by the natural world. Each table here is unique, with the tabletop crafted from a single piece. Therefore, the wood is neither glued nor artificially composed in any other way. This preserves the wood’s texture and natural grain patterns. The table edges can be either straight-cut or left in their natural state. Each piece from our workshop is unique and unlike any other.

Oak dining table with candlesticks and Christmas decorations
epoxy resin table
Decorated washbasin in the bathroom

In addition to tree tables, epoxy resin tables, and sink vanity units, we also craft seating and window benches as well as cutting boards and chopping blocks. Please feel free to bring along any initial ideas and concepts. Together, we will bring them to life.

Here’s another small selection of furniture that has already been well received by our customers, which we are presenting to you in our new brochure. Take a look inside right away.

Dining table with flowers on the table and fireplace in the background
Tree tables
epoxy resin table
Epoxy resin tables